Working method

Analogue prints

Kramers work is mostly made on an analog 4×5 inch camera. He likes the feel and magic of it. Photographs seem to have an otherworldly feel to it. In an interview, he stated the difference between a hand printed photo or a digital copy is much like the difference between listening to a CD or going to a life concert. All his work is printed by master printer Peter Svenson. In the years working together, they have become good friends.

“Peter has an enormous influence on my work. He has a way of interpreting a negative. When I am working I take his way of printing into consideration.”

In 2014 when the analog lab was on the brink of closing, Kramer gave all his former documentary work to Peter to be printed at cost to save the lab. The action saved the lab. According to Kramer it was a poetic way of closing an era of documentary work he had started to doubt.